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“The results speak for themselves. On my watch as mayor we’ve delivered proven positive results.

Delivering these proven positive results during the last four years required shaking up the old status quo, which was bittersweet, however the City of Waukesha is stronger today because of it.

We’ve delivered new and proven positive results on holding taxes flat – on average under inflation, moving forward towards Oak Creek for water, creating over 700 family-supporting jobs, more than doubling our investment into road restoration, and growing our sense of community pride. Many people deserve the credit for this planning and work – including our families, businesses, educational institutions, nonprofit groups, common council, and city employees.

And as your public servant, whom is not perfect and truly loves Waukesha, I humbly ask for your continued support so that we can – with vision and energy – continue the proven positive results. Our goal will be to create a better future for ourselves and for our children, and to become the #1 Best Small City in America!”

Mayor Scrima